Hello my loves =)

Today I´ll show u a special hairstyle created by myself =)

I love to have long hair….but sometimes I get bored of them and then I try to pimp them up.

This was my hair before:


and this is the result after getting my hair done:



1. I made a high posed ponytail.

2. I took a seconde hair tie.

3. Then I shaped my hair like a big bobble :D

4. As I finished forming my hair I fixed it with the tie.


5. I tied the rest of my hair around the pony tail and fixed it with bobby pins.

6. I took the left part of the bobble and pinned it down on my head.

7. I did the same thing with the other side.

8. That´s it. Now there just misses some hair decoration.

Thank you for reading my blog.