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Hey everybody,

today I want  to introduce you to L´occitane.


L´occitane is a Beauty company from France.

I use their products for years, I support products wich do not include chemicals or wich are not tested by animals such as rabbits.

Besides I appreciate the extraordinary small packaging

, wich suits perfect to handbags.

These are the cute handcremes. My favourite flavour is ” FLEUR CHERIE” but I also like “Lemon” (not on the photo)


This is my make up remover and night creme. I like the nightcreme, because the skin doesn´t turn fatty from it.






This is a very special oil for the skin. I mostly use it in summer. I love it because of the special flavour and because the glitter lasts long on the skin.


This is my favourite shower oil. Yeah It is really more oil than creme. The flavour is honey. I´ve got other shower gels, too, but they are nearly empty. I use the small bottles for the gym, because they´re quite space saving.



Have fun at testing the products  and I hope  you like  it as much as me.