I´ve got flowers in my hair, I take a day off



Sometimes you need a day without work, trouble, stress and bonds.

I wish you all a wonderfall sunday =) Enjoy the day


Black Swan


Good evening =)

Last week purchased a auspicious dress at H&M

Unfortunately it was a little too short. So I had two opportunities, either to short the dress or to make it longer.

This dress in short is boring and I decided to make it longer somehow.

Well, I ended up with sewing in 300 feathers.

This is the result:


I hope u like it! I do and I´m proud of it, cause nobody else will ever have the same dress.

Maybe I will wear it at carneval, too :D then I´d be something like a black swan haha.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you always take the easiest way, you´ll never make it to the top of the mountain.


no longer boring hairstyle :)


Hello my loves =)

Today I´ll show u a special hairstyle created by myself =)

I love to have long hair….but sometimes I get bored of them and then I try to pimp them up.

This was my hair before:


and this is the result after getting my hair done:



1. I made a high posed ponytail.

2. I took a seconde hair tie.

3. Then I shaped my hair like a big bobble :D

4. As I finished forming my hair I fixed it with the tie.


5. I tied the rest of my hair around the pony tail and fixed it with bobby pins.

6. I took the left part of the bobble and pinned it down on my head.

7. I did the same thing with the other side.

8. That´s it. Now there just misses some hair decoration.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Office dog


This is my gorgeous female dog chuppa chupse =)

She´s always by my side even in the office,that´s no problem at all, she just sleeps 8 hours in her copy paper box, while I do my work.


Haha such a funny photo, here she´s in the restaurant with me….waiting for her beloved ham :D

haha tomorrow I will post a few photos of the actual puppies, that we have at home =)

Have a happy St Nicholas´ Day


autumnal review- herbstlicher Rückblick


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Hallo meine Lieben,

Hier sind in paar Bilder eines traumhaft schönen Herbsttages in Ludwigsburg. Eigentlich wehre ich mich dagegen den Herbst zu mögen, da er meinen innig geliebten Sommer verteibt. Angesichts des eklig, kalten Winters erinnere ich mich gerne an die milden Herbsttage.

Hello my Loves

I present you a few autumnal photos, of a gorgeous day in Ludwigsburg. Actually I refuse to like the autumn, because autumn is the season that displaces my dearly beloved summer. But facing the disgusting, cold winter, I enjoy remembering at those mild autumn days.

If u like, what I wear:

My leather jacket is from Zara, my skirt from H&M,




Thrift Shop


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Yesterday was a special, I went to Metzingen ( Outletcity)with my Boyfriend. He found cool pants at the Levis store. And I finally found excessive gloves. The gloves are from Prada and made out of lambskin, I can tell, they are so soft and I feel like a diva by wearing them. I already love them. Regrettably I was too lazy to make any pictures….I´m sorry for that :(

After over-drafting my account we drove to Stuttgart to get me some new Zara-Stuff and we purchased a few christmas presents at


My Outfit was really comfortable and I absolutly fell in love with my artistic legging from urban outfitters.

My blazer is from vero moda and the parka is my favourite parka from Mango.

I hope u found some inspiration =) XOXO


Hello, Hola Hallo :)

Hey my name is Diana I live near Stuttgart and I’m a student. I study economics combined with taxes.
In my freetime I love going out with friends and have fun at nightclubs. IF I retire myself from the exhaustive nightlife i love to spend my money in some onlinestores :D  …
Besides I’m a very tall person, though I would never give up wearing high heels….what’s left to say?
Of curse I love everything what deals with beauty and fashion. Iam pretty creative and I express myself in my wardrobe…as far as this is possible.

… sooo that’s basically me.
I would love share my life with u♡♥♥